Teaching System

The teaching system in Underlight is a unique feature not found in other games.

In other games, upon leveling up your Wizard will automatically learn their next fireball spell or will go to an NPC skill trainer and purchase it for a couple of gold. In Underlight all of your magical arts are learned from other player characters in the game.

The characters capable of teaching you new arts, or improving existing ones, can be spotted by the colored halos they wear upon their heads. Once your character senses they are able to learn a new art they should approach one of these teachers. These teachers, however, are not going to just give away the arts they worked hard to learn and improve. Instead they will ask you to perform some sort of small task or quest before teaching it to you. Every quest your character receives in Underlight is written by another player of the game and can be customized for your character.

Your character could be asked to come up with a way to harm one of the Darkmares, gather supplies for an experiment the teacher is planning, or infiltrate an enemy house. The possibilities of what your teacher and you come up with for your quest are limited only by imagination (and a few basic rules!).

The pace of advancement for new and lower level characters has been increased so that they can quickly jump right into the action that our dreamworld has to offer.