Chivalrous Intents



In response to your ‘decree’, I must remind the Vanguard of the limitations of your jurisdiction. I am amazed by the depths of your arrogance, your misplaced faith in beliefs that have, for centuries, served as a justification for violence, mass-manipulation, and unnecessary war. Illuminates have become a primary component to the downward spiral of the City. We FreeSouls welcome the opportunity to explore any and every chance at gaining knowledge and insight into recent developments. We would welcome assistance, even from the Illuminated Vanguard, in the defense of the Dream.

The inert state of our strongholds and continuous anomalies remain a mystery for the Dream to unravel. We do not pretend to hold a monopoly of answers as your Vanguard does nor do we cast aspersions with baseless theories. The Vanguard seems inclined toward fighting wars on every front, to the extent that it will become spread beyond its resources. Your time and energy is better spent seeking answers than it is forcing us into warfare. You seek to label us as enemies of the Dream. You label the Idoaclesians as enemies as well and fail to grasp the opportunity they present. Think of what we can learn from them! Be warned that we will continue to defend our people from all dangers against them, including but not limited to your ‘decrees.’ Your jurisdiction has its limitations.

However, I implore you to cease in attempting your decrees. We can learn a great deal from the Idoaclesians. They have paid the ultimate price with the loss of their own ‘variant Dream’. Do you wish to allow history to repeat itself once again? Yes, our enemies are numerous but there is no greater enemy than the one that lies within. If we continue to stand divided, we will all fall at their feet.

You have been advised. The next move is yours to make. Choose wisely, old friend.
Xun’rok, Knight Commander, FreeSoul Templars