• Can I import my old Lyra and Shades of Truth characters?


Yes, you can.  Please visit this forum post to see what is needed for the import process: Character Import Requirements

  • Will Underlight currently work on Windows 8 and Windows 10?


Yes!  Past issues have been remedied with the 2016 spring/summer patch.

  • I remember in the past Underlight was pay to play, do I need to pay a monthly payment to play Underlight today?


Absolutely not! Underlight is free to play!  To get started, from the Underlight Home Page, click on “Account” and register a new KoiWare account.  Once registered, from the Underlight Home Page, click on “Download” to obtain the client. — If you are new to Underlight, please review our gettings started guide first.  This isn’t your typical MO”RPG”, this is REAL role play: A Guide to Dreaming