Illuminated Decree



The number of dreams afforded to you has become numbered. You will not continue to carry on in this reckless and irresponsible manner. You will not continue to parade through our city and collaborate with others in its downfall. Time and time again, for eons, you have shown nothing but contempt and disregard for the Vanguard and its sanctified mission. Your kind has allowed for the failure of the strongholds, the diminishing strength of our avatars, and the numerous enemies of our city gaining an increasing foothold. You chose to welcome these foolish dreamers into your fold. They, like you, hold equal culpability for these recent events. They have destroyed their own city and now seek refuge within our battered walls. In the midst of your negligent ignorance, they expedite the destruction of our lands. The growing list of crimes on your hands has grown to include capital treason. The murder of countless unawakened souls exterminated in your vile pursuit of knowledge and misguided honor weighs heavy upon our hearts. The consequences of your actions have grown to affect the City as a whole. You are spawning chaos and confusion. I have beckoned the combined strength and resolve of the Illuminated dreamers into this Vanguard. We shall not tolerate your continued defiance and murderous spree. Your kind, these so called Idoaclesians allies, and anyone else foreign to the sovereignty of our lands shall be eradicated with extreme prejudice by any means necessary. The Vanguard is sworn to serve and protect and shall do so with its last breath. By decree of the Illuminated Vanguard and its citizens therein, you have been marked as traitors and enemies of the City. You stand advised with this notice. This decree shall be treated as absolute law and shall survive as long as the Illuminated Vanguard endures. Submitted, Zaxun, General of the Illuminated Vanguard.