Introduction: Our Dreamworld

True immersive ROLEPLAYING.

Introduction to the Game

Underlight is a 100% free to play online multiplayer roleplaying game. There are no monthly fees. There are no cash shops. How do we make our money? We don’t! Underlight was first launched in 1998 on a game service called Mplayer and like most MMO’s of the time, had a monthly fee. In 2006, the publishing company discontinued support for the game. Out of love for the original game, KoiWare has acquired licensing rights to continue hosting the game completely free.

Unlike other “MMORPGS”, Underlight truly is a ROLEPLAYING game. You are creating a unique character with their own personality and perspective on the world around them. In this aspect, Underlight plays more like a table top RPG than your typical MMORPG. If you are completely new to roleplaying the underlight wiki is an excellent resource to help get you started. An easy way to think about it is you are an actor, creating a character, but instead of performing in a play or movie, you are participating in a dynamic story that is shaped and influenced by other players like yourself.

So what is the story of Underlight?

In the universe our game takes place, there are thousands of “Shards” where our characters live and carry out their lives. Each shard is completely cut off from one another by an impassable boundary mist. One night, after your character has fallen asleep, they awaken to find themselves in the dream city of Underlight. This city is inhabited by the select few who have achieved what has become known as the awakening. Within the city of Underlight the characters are able to meet and interact with those from the other shards who have been able to achieve awakening. In this dreamworld these select few are able to cast magical arts and do things that would normally be impossible in their home shard. Underlight, however, is not without its share of dangers. Evil and dangerous creatures known as Nightmares roam the dream, attacking unsuspecting dreamers.

Our game begins with your character achieving awakening and entering the city for the first time. From there the game experience is thrust into your hands. How will your character use this grand opportunity? Will your character attempt to share knowledge with those from other shards? Will they seek to join a guild house and stake claim to an area of the dream? Will they seek to prove themselves in battle? Will they strive to banish the Nightmare creatures that roam the dream?

These choices and more rest with you and your fellow players and they will directly shape the story of the game.