Rise of the Datoken…


Many dreams ago,

our city came under siege by the powerful beasts. These creatures wrought vast devastation to our lands, forever altering the way we dream with their mere presence. As the beasts carved their way through Underlight with unrivaled ire nothing was spared from feeling their wrath, not even our sworn enemies the dark mares. We were nearly defeated. Standing divided by our beliefs we faced the finality of our dreams. Despite the looming hopelessness we were ignited by the passion to survive. We came together with grit and determination in what can only be described as an uphill battle against the foul creatures that sought the destruction of us and all that we cherished. Relentlessly, we pushed back against our attackers until our battalion found itself deep within the mists of chaos. It was not until after the final battle that the realization of the sacrifice that we had just made in defense of Underlight hit with torrential force.

We had exiled the beasts into the furthest limits of the Dreamscape. As we attempted to make our way back home, we encountered yet another group of beasts more ruthless than the first. We bore witness to the destruction of a city known as Idoaclesia, and attempted to confront them in battle at the borders of Furyan. They proved formidable foes against our depleted forces. Lamentably, we were defeated.

The Hota now wage a fierce war against the Kadatorii throughout the Dreamscape. The cries of battle resonate far and wide. Like flies to honey, the creatures we battled have heard the call of chaos. Our diminished forces could do nothing to halt their advance. Many amongst us did not survive. Those that managed to survive have retreated to Arret in search of assistance.

If this message should reach you, denizens of Underlight, I must warn you…
…the Datoken are marching towards Underlight, led by a vile figure eternally shrouded in darkness. Beware Agonarius.
– Yuriqali